My Grandma Doesn’t Know Who I Am

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My Grandma Zrinka was always up for everything. We went camping and hiking, running and cycling, and swam in the deep sea. We built secret hideouts and bug hotels out of shoe boxes. We knitted sweaters from patterns I made up, made toys out of yoghurt pots, and put on puppet shows in the garden. We travelled by train, by plane, by boat. We drew comics, read newspapers, wrote stories.

Nothing was impossible! Grandma knew everything and could do anything.

Until one day, she couldn’t.

Talking about illness and death is always difficult and painful. The short story “My Grandma Doesn’t Know Who I Am” describes the tender relationship between the girl Ema and her grandmother Zrinka, who suddenly starts forgetting events and people. The story introduces children to the topic of old age and mortality, as well as the idea of memory and eternal love.

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